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Weichai M26 Series Marine Diesel Engine For Boat With CCS


Product Description

M26 Series Marine Diesel Engine:

 France-based Moteurs Baudouin provides a range of solutions for marine power integration systems. At the end of 2008, the company officially became a subsidiary wholly owned by Weichai Group. In 2010, Weichai started importing products manufactured by Baudouin. Thanks to Baudouin's comprehensive marine power solutions and Weichai's highly professional and efficient service networks, we provide our customers with power solutions beyond your imagination.

Power Range: 330-808kW

No.ItemDisplacemet (L)



Rated Power  


Rated Speed


16M26 P115.9150x150176(240)1800
26M26S P115.9150x150243(330)1800
36M26SR P115.9150x150331(450)1800
46M26SRP P215.9150x150405(551)1900
56M26SRP P315.9150x150442(601)1950
68M26 P121.2150x150235(320)1800
78M26SR P121.2150x150441(600)1800
88M26SR P221.2150x150515(700)1900
912M26 P131.8150x150353(480)1800
1012M26S P131.8150x150485(660)1800
1112M26SR P131.8150x150662(900)1800
1212M26SRP P131.8150x150736(1000)1900
1312M26SRP P231.8150x150809(1100)1900
1412M26SRP P331.8150x150882(1200)1950
1512M26SRP P431.8150x150956(1300)2000

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