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60Kw Weichai Marine Diesel Engines For Vessel With CCS



Product Description

Weichai Marine Engines:

Diesel main advantages:

Main bearing frame structure, body stiffness, vibration, low noise;

Mean effective pressure, or power and other indicators lead in the country;

Inside and outside the two-cycle water-cooled, diesel engine with fresh water circulating cooling, the outer loop of freshwater with seawater through a heat exchanger for fresh water cooling, improved engine life, and an optional water jacket exhaust pipe to reduce the cabin temperature;

Unique treasure voyage monitoring system, diesel engine speed, water temperature, oil temperature and pressure data real-time detection, overrun when the diesel engine parameters can automatically alarm and shutdown. And increased storm mode at the critical moment to ensure that the ship encountered storms, etc. will not stop;

Saving fuel: rational design of the intake fuel system broadens the operating range of diesel engines, marine engines used in the speed range of operating conditions and can maintain low fuel consumption;

Powerful: large power reserves, the maximum output torque 1500N.m, ship fast speed, high speed. For high-speed vessels and heavy fishing.

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