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410KW 6170 Series Weichai Marine Dual-fuel Diesel Engine

Brand: Weichai
Series: 6710
Emission: Meets IMO Tier II Standard
Substitution rate: 65%~85%
Power: 320KW,360KW,380KW,410KW
Speed: 1200rpm/1500rpm
Characteristic: Dual Fuel/Natural Gas

Product Description

6170 Series Weichai Marine Dual-fuel Engine

Engine strengths:
1. Artificial intelligent. ECU automatically switches dual fuel operation according to the working conditions and points to the best fuel substitution rate.
2. High reliability. The life expectancy of the key parts & accessories of the dual fuel engine is the same as that of the engine itself.
3. Its emission meets IMO Tier II Standard.
4. High economic performance. Its fuel oil substitution rate reaches over 80% at its usual load point. In addition, its overall fuel oil substitution rate is above 70%.
Model Parameters Dual Fuel Natural Gas
Auxiliary Generator Marine Main Engine Auxiliary Generator Marine Main Engine
Calibrated PowerkW 410 360 380 320
Calibrated Speedr/min 1500r/min 1200r/min 1500r/min 1200r/min
Emission Standard IMO tier Ⅱ, National I
Turbo Front Emission Temperature  ℃ ≤600℃
Fuel Replacement Rate% 65~85

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