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Vessel Use Good Quality Polyurethane Floating Fender

Brand:Deyuan Marine
MOQ:1 pc
Type:Inflatable type
Usage:Marine boat
Delivery Time:10 -30 days
Guarantee:1 year
Payment:T/T /L/C .Paypal.Western Union
Package:Standard package

Product Description

Vessel Use Good Quality Polyurethane Floating Fender 

Marine Polyurethane Fender is also a kind of compressable Polyurethane Floating Fender which builds outer protective layer with polyurethane, materials and adopts polyurethane foaming material or plastic foaming as buffer medium .The destructive effects on docks and ships will be reduced by the compression to absorb the impact energy from ships in the course of using polyurethane floating fender .  

Vessel Use Floating Fender Advantages:

1)Good Quality Polyurethane Floating Fender has floating property proof against the tidal range ;

2)Marine Polyurethane Fender has bright colors can supply products in various colors as quest ;

3)No air against the tidal range ;


Marine Polyurethane Fender Characteristic: 

 1)With the general compression fender, solid foam filled polyurethane fender with floating performance, 

 2)Compared with pneumatic fenders, has better energy absorption performance, and low reaction performance

 3)Compared with pneumatic fenders, does not need inflating, and maintenance-free; 

 4)no explosion risk, with safety


Vessel Polyurethane Floating Fender Range of use:

1) The marine terminal fender;

2) Suitable for gravity and London Wharf , especially the large tidal range of the dock;

3) Particularly applicable to the ship by ship fender, floating fender more adaptability;

4) As the pier fender, protection of bridge piers,ships from damage.


Polyurethane floating fender data for your reference,More information please contact us .

Specification length(mm) performance compression 
diameter(mm) counterforce
Enery absorption(KJ) KG
300 500 38 3 6
400 800 46 4.8 10
500 1000 72 26 18
1000 1500 188 52 68
1000 2000 274 78 98
1200 2000 337 98 118
1500 3000 624 236 301
2000 3500 916 464 589
2500 4000 1680 918 1020
3000 6000 3368 2056 2380

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