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Marine EVA Foam Filled Fender For Ship Protection

Brand:Deyuan Marine
MOQ:1 pc
Type:Inflatable type
Usage:Marine boat
Delivery Time:10 -30 days
Guarantee:1 year
Payment:T/T /L/C .Paypal.Western Union
Package:Standard package

Product Description

Marine EVA Foam Filled Fender For Ship Protection

The EVA foam filled fender protection for ships, port crafts, docks, and docks. Marine foam filled fenders built with the latest design and materials technology. Marine EVA fenders provide a proven and quality solution in high-performance fender systems.

Ship foam filled fender provides ultimate protection for ship-to-ship and ship-to-dock applications, providing superior abrasion resistance under the harshest conditions. The Ship EVA foam fender is designed to float on a central fixed drive steel monolith. This unique design allows the inflatable Floating Fender to ride up and down the tide and freely rotate the surrounding monomer, making it an ideal Foam Floating Fender for large tide swings in the area for corner protection or as a turning dolphin.

Polyurethane Floating Fender high-performance cylindrical submarine and general purpose submarine fender components. Foam filled fenders are used to protect submarines and surface vessels, harbor vessels, docks and docks, Prevent damage caused by ship-to-ship or ship-to-ship contact during manoeuvring.

If you have any questions of Foam filled fender for ship please contact our sales team.

Specification length(mm) performance compression 
diameter(mm) counterforce
Enery absorption(KJ) KG
300 500 38 3 6
400 800 46 4.8 10
500 1000 72 26 18
1000 1500 188 52 68
1000 2000 274 78 98
1200 2000 337 98 118
1500 3000 624 236 301
2000 3500 916 464 589
2500 4000 1680 918 1020
3000 6000 3368 2056 2380

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