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EVA Fenders Polyurethane Floating Foam Fenders with competitive price

Type: Foam Fenders
Brand: Deyuan Marine
Material: EVA / Polyurethane
Warranty: 3 Years
Lead time: Have some ex-stocks
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, Western Union, Paypal

Product Description

EVA Fenders Polyurethane Floating Foam Fenders with competitive price

Polyurethane Foam Filled Fender / EVA Fenders is a floating type compression fender that is highly versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications. Foam Fender consists of an outer Polyurethane protective layer, a reinforced rubber nylon cord fabric, as well as an internal space that is filled with foam as a medium to absorb collision. Foam fenders outer layer has an extremely low frictional resistance and is highly resistant to wear due to its strength. Impact force is efficiently absorbed by the foam fender, reducing the resultant force acted upon the wharf/vessel at the point of contact.

Application wise, Floating Foam Fenders can be used for tugs, workboats, pilot boats and is suitable for open sea terminals, gravity ports, especially for large tidal wave docks. Foam fender is also a viable option for Ship-to-Ship (STS) operations.

EVA Foamed Fenders are mainly two types of such fender – Portable Foam Fender (usually small size) and Flange Foam Fender (usually for larger dimensions).

Flange-type foam filled fender can either come in a chain net, a chain net with tyres, or without the net (fender body only).

Features of MAX Foam Filled Fender

1. Great Floating Performance, not influenced by tidal waves
2. Bright Colours are available upon customer request (not all)
3. No air inflation needed (as compared to pneumatic fenders)
4. High Energy Absorption
5. Reasonably resistant to acid and alkali
6. Good Angular Performance
7. Strong & safe
8. Extremely long lifetime

Size Deflection 60% Weight(±3%)
Reaction force(KN) Enery absorption(KJ) (KG)
LHG300×500 43 5 7
LHG400×800 54 7 17
LHG500×1000 89 32 23
LHG700×1500 129 24 85
LHG1000×1500 190 62 175
LHG1000×2000 298 80 240
LHG1200×2000 335 110 350
LHG1350×2500 460 173 550
LHG1500×3000 615 263 770
LHG1700×3000 678 330 1075
LHG2000×3500 940 535 1530
LHG2000×4000 1095 630 1980
LHG2000×4500 1250 690 2500
LHG2300×4000 1380 735 2885
LHG2300×5500 1860 1133 3480
LHG2500×4000 1455 980 3390
LHG2500×5500 1960 1230 3985
LHG3000×5000 2180 1755 5350
LHG3000×6000 2455 1960 6680
LHG3300×4500 1960 1760 5750
LHG3300×6500 3075 2830 8400
LHG3500×7000 3975 3162 10100

Foam-filled fenders are able to absorb 40% more energy than similar sized pneumatic fenders and their gently sloping reaction force curve provides 'softer' docking operations compared to buckling type fendering systems. This results in reduced stresses on docks, wharves, piers and vessels.

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