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Solid Floating Foam Filled Boat Fenders for Vessels

Brand:Deyuan Marine
MOQ:1 pc
Type:Inflatable type
Usage:Marine boat
Delivery Time:10 -30 days
Guarantee:1 year
Payment:T/T /L/C .Paypal.Western Union
Package:Standard package

Product Description

Solid Floating Foam Filled Boat Fenders for Vessel

Inflatable Floating Fender also known as EVA solid fenders, are a new type of Foam Floating Fender using lightweight, highly elastic foam as a buffer medium, and Polyurethane Floating Fenders are widely used in ports, offshore, STS and STD operations. Foam filled fenders are made of environmentally friendly materials and highly elastic polymer materials. This Solid floating fender has a long service life and high economic value. Floating foam filled fender uses high-quality materials and has high strength, high elasticity, high adhesion, anti-leakage, and anti-aging properties.

The Solid foam filled fender is filled with environmentally friendly material EVA inside, and the Vessel foam filled fender outer surface is coated with a protective layer of polyurethane material. It is a new material with adjustable high elastic modulus. The Foam filled boat fenderhas galvanized flanges and swivel joints at both ends. Like the pneumatic rubber fender, the tire chain net guard is also an optional accessory for the Boat floating foam fenders, which has better anti-collision performance.


High-performance outer coating

Quick and easy installation

Multiple Color Options

Multiple forms and sizes options

Here is the foam Fender data sheet for your information .

Specification length(mm) performance compression 
diameter(mm) counterforce
Enery absorption(KJ) KG
300 500 38 3 6
400 800 46 4.8 10
500 1000 72 26 18
1000 1500 188 52 68
1000 2000 274 78 98
1200 2000 337 98 118
1500 3000 624 236 301
2000 3500 916 464 589
2500 4000 1680 918 1020
3000 6000 3368 2056 2380

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