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Ship Incinerator

  • Deyuan Marine
  • Item: Ship Incinerator
  • Capacity Range: 180,000~800,000Kcal/H
  • Certificate : CCS,DNV,USCG
  • Waste treatment : liquid and solid waste
  • Payment terms: TT,LC,Western Union,paypal, credit card
  • Delivery time: depends on order

Product Description

OG120C Ship Incinerator
This ship incinerator is designed and certified in compliance with the IMO resolution MEPC 244(66).It is an ideal equipment for waste treatment onboard small and medium size vessels.
The following materials/items can be incinerated:
*Plastic, cardboard, wood  
*Rubber, cloth, oily rags, lub oil filters 
*Diesel engine scavenge scrapings
*Paint scrapings
*Food waste
*Sludge oil, waste lubrication oil
*Hospital waste, female hygienic binds
*Contaminated water
Main technical parameters :
1, the heat capacity (210Kw): 180000kCal/h
2, the amount of combustible waste:
A, solid waste:144000kCal/h (IMO class 02)
B, solid waste each packing: 200L/charge
Oil: C, 22L (21Kg) /h (IMO sludge)
<50% maximum moisture liquid waste
3, diesel consumption:10L/h
4, the total power consumption: 7KW
5, dimensions and weight:
OG120C SW: 1813 x 1457 x 1834mm ,1430Kg
6, supporting the fan and the weight of:DN200 & 115Kg
7, matching door and weight of:DN200 & 19Kg
ship incinerator

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