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Offshore Use Incinerators

  • Deyuan Marine
  • Item: Offshore Use Incinerators
  • Capacity : 180,000~800,000Kcal/H
  • Certificate: CCS,DNV,ABS,USCG
  • Application: incinerate liquid and solid waste
  • Packing : wooden case
  • Payment terms: TT,LC,Western union,Paypal,Credit card

Product Description

Offshore Use Incinerators
 marine incinerator provide the best solution for waste treatment onboard vessels, offshore units and onshore facilities.Our incinerators were designed as per the  MARPOL 73/78,MEPC.76(40)MEPC.93(45)standard,covering capacity from 180,000~800,000Kcal/H,it was widely used to incinerate material like  Plastic, cardboard, wood,Rubber, cloth, oily rags, lub oil filters ,Diesel engine scavenge scrapings,Sludge oil, waste lubrication oil, Hospital waste, female hygienic binds etc.All our incinerators for marine and offshore industry are approved by CCS,DNV,USCG Class. 

The incinerator is equipped with a door in front for loading of solid waste and removing  of ash which can be opened only while the flue gas fan stops and combustion  chamber temperature is below 80℃.
The electrical control panel is installed on the incinerator and it contains fuses, starters, PLC and operator panel. The electric panel is built according to international  standards for marine equipment. The operator panel which is located at the right side
of the control panel has a touch screen and defined keys for system starting /stopping  and selecting burner modes.

it mainly consists of four parts:
a. Combustion chamber with diesel oil burner, sludge burner, and electric control panel.
b. Flue gas fan
c. Flue gas damper.
d. Sludge tank with circulating pump and heater.
Offshore Use Incinerators
ship's incinerator
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