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Marine Incinerator

  • Deyuan Marine

  • Item: Marine Incinerator
  • Standard: IMO MEPC 76(40), MEPC 93(45),MEPC 244(66)
  • Capacity: 180,0000Kcal/h~800,000Kcal/h
  • Certificate: CCS,DNV,USCG
  • Application: burning sludge and burnable solid waste
  • Payment terms: TT,LC,Palpay,Western Union,Credit Card

Product Description

Marine Incinerator 
Incinerator is in the shape of a vertical cylindrical chamber with an inverted funnel shaped chimney at the the top,it was designed to get rid of solid and/or sludge waste generated on board according to the standard of  IMO MEPC 76(40) and amendments IMO MEPC 93(45), IMO MEPC 244(66),available certificate is CCS,DNV,USCG.

Main features of the Incinerator:
*Man-Machine dialogue interface for convenient operations.
*Continuous solid waste loading device with pneumatic control, as an option.
*Sludge agitation by a recirculation pump to obtain best mixture.
*Marine Incinerator three options of sludge heating source, including electrical elements, steam coil or thermal coil.
*Immediate working condition traceability.

Main parts of the incinerators:
**Burner(on incinerator unit)
*Flue gas fan
*Flue gas damper
*Electrical control panel
*Expansion bellow
Technical parameters of the incinerator:
Models INC-18  INC-50 INC-50A INC-80
Marine Incinerator Marine Incinerator Marine Incinerator Marine Incinerator

180,000 Kcal/H 500,000 Kcal/H 500,000 Kcal/H 800,000 Kcal/H
waste management incinerator China deyuan marine

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