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Oil-Only Responder Roll

  • Deyuan Marine
  • Product: Oil-Only Responder Roll
  • Material: 100%PP
  • Dimension: 40cm(L)*50/80m(W)
  • thickness: 2mm~6mm
  • Packing : 1roll/bale/opp bag
  • Payment terms: TT,LC,Western union,Paypal,Credit card

Product Description

Oil-Only Responder Roll
Oil absorbent rolls are appropriate for use in traffic areas and low lint applications, repels water based fluids and absorbs oil based fluids, suitable for industrial and environmental applications for quick absorption of oil.
Absorb hydrocarbon only
Repel water, Float on water
Sonic bonded to absorb quickly
Can be wrung out and reused.
Lint-free spun-bond fabric
Perforated to save money
Use only what you need
Item Code Size Thickness Count&Packing Absorbency
Oil Absorbent Rolls OR002 40cm x 100m 2mm 1 Roll/Bag ≥140L/Bag
OR003 40cm x 50m 3mm 1 Roll/Bag ≥105L/Bag
OR004 40cm x 50m 4mm 1 Roll/Bag ≥140L/Bag
Bonded Rolls OR002-B 40cm x 100m 2mm 1 Roll/Bag ≥140L/Bag
OR003-B 40cm x 50m 3mm 1 Roll/Bag ≥105L/Bag
OR004-B 40cm x 50m 4mm 1 Roll/Bag ≥140L/Bag
Perfored Rolls OR002-P 40cm x 100m 2mm 1 Roll/Bag ≥140L/Bag
OR003-P 40cm x 50m 3mm 1 Roll/Bag ≥105L/Bag
OR004-P 40cm x 50m 4mm 1 Roll/Bag ≥140L/Bag
More oil-only responder rolls can be offered,pls contact us for more details.
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