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Oil Absorbent Pom Poms

  • Deyuan Marine
  • Product: Oil Absorbent Pom Poms
  • Color : white
  • Packing: 30pcs,50pcs100pcs/bale
  • MOQ: 1pcs
  • Supply Ability : 600 Piece/Pieces per Week
  • Payment terms: TT,LC,Western union,Paypal,Credit card

Product Description

Oil Absorbent Pom Poms
Pom poms are hanks of polypropylene fibres that attract and hold heavy oils. As used in the Exxon Valdez oil spill. They are designed to absorb oils whilst repelling water. 
Suitable for a range of applications including: 
*On beaches and coastlines.
*On heavy emulsified oil coming ashore.
*Fuel bunds and moats in refineries, power stations and tank farms.
*Ideal on bunker fuel and emulsified crude.
*Quoted absorbency based on heavy oil.
Model Description Specification Pack Quantity
PP601 Oil Pom Pom Oil Selective 20pcs/bale
PP602 Oil Pom Pom Oil Selective 50pcs/bale
PP603 Oil Pom Pom Oil Selective 100pcs/bale
Model Description WT/LB U/M U/SKID SKD/TRK
PP604 Pom-Pom Plus Rope 16 1 36 26/30
PP605 Snare Plus Rope 16 1 36 26/30
PP606 Pom-Pom
Individually Packed
15 30 36 26/30
More oil absorbent pom poms can be offered,pls contact us for more details.
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