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Oil Snares

  • Deyuan Marine

  • Product: Oil Snares
  • Color : white
  • Packing: 30pcs,50pcs100pcs/bale
  • MOQ: 1pcs
  • Place of origin: Zhuhai,China
  • Payment terms: TT,LC,Western union,Paypal,Credit card

Product Description

Oil Snares
Absorbent Snares are a sling-style absorbent used in areas dealing with a significant build-up of thick or emulsified oil. Designed specifically for heavier oils, the Oil Snare is effective in capturing and retaining Bunker C (#4 and #5 oil) and Bunker B (#6 oil) oils. Snares can be used individually or placed on a rope for mass clean up in offshore or open water areas. Once the snare is place, it will absorb oil until it forms a ball-like structure that can be easily removed and placed in disposal.
Model Description Specification Pack Quantity
PP601 Oil Pom Pom Oil Selective 20pcs/bale
PP602 Oil Pom Pom Oil Selective 50pcs/bale
PP603 Oil Pom Pom Oil Selective 100pcs/bale
Model Description WT/LB U/M U/SKID SKD/TRK
PP604 Pom-Pom Plus Rope 16 1 36 26/30
PP605 Snare Plus Rope 16 1 36 26/30
PP606 Pom-Pom
Individually Packed
15 30 36 26/30
More oil snares can be offered,pls contact us for more details.
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