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Oil-Only Absorbent Pad

  • Deyuan Marine
  • Product: Oil-Only Absorbent Pad
  • Material: 100%PP
  • Application: Oil Spill Control
  • Size: 40cm*50cm, 38cm*48cm or as request
  • Package: 50pcs/100pcs/200pcs/Carton
  • Delivery time: In stock or depends on order

Product Description

Oil-Only Absorbent Pad
Oil only absorbents provide users with a durable absorbent for cleaning up petroleum based spills and leaks. These sorbents have proven to absorb liquids & repel water, and is effective in both industrial andenvironmental applications. the Oil only sorbents are best applied during emergency spills for fast and easy clean-up.
1. 100% polypropylene construction, won’t rip, tear or fray even when saturated.
2. Highly absorbent, fine-fiber construction, will not absorbing a drop of water.
3. Floats to clean up spills on water.
4. Bright white color makes absorbed oil easier to see; draws attention to machine leaks and clearly shows saturation level during spill response.
5. Can be wrung out and incinerated after use to reduce waste or for fuels blending.
Type Size Count&Packing Absorbency
PS1201 40cm*50cm*2mm 200 Pcs/Bag 128 L/Bag
PS1251 40cm*50cm*2.5mm 100 Pcs/Bag 80 L/Bag
PS1301 40cm*50cm*3mm 100 Pcs/Bag 96 L/Bag
PS1351 40cm*50cm*3.5mm 100 Pcs/Bag 112 L/Bag
PS1401 40cm*50cm*4mm 100 Pcs/Bag 128 L/Bag
More oil-only absorbent pads can be offered,pls contact us for more details.
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