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Marine Mushroom Ventilators CB/T 4444-2017 Type A

Type: Mushroom
Standard: CB/T 4444
Model: Type A
Purpose: Cabin ventilating
On/Off type: Inside
Nominal Diameter: 150~350
Vent Head: Grade A marine steel
Vent Pipe: Carbon steel Q235A

Product Description

Marine Mushroom Ventilators CB/T 4444-2017 Type A

Mushroom Ventilator is installed on deck for natural ventilation or mechanical ventilation devices .

CB/T 4444-2017 Mushroom Ventilation is generally used for kitchen and accommodation of ventilator regulating screw, simply turn adjusting handwheel indoors can reach the purpose of adjusting the opening size.

CB/T 4444-2017 is a new edition of CB/T 295-2000, the former's thickness of vent and air pipe, and diameter of screw rod are bigger than the latter's. 

Process requirements

1. Surface: should be flat and smooth, without sharp edges, distortion, or skew.

2. Size error:  ±3mm, and the deviation of the verticality is 2/h1000 (h is the height of the ventilator cylinder)

3. The welding surface: free of cracks, slag inclusions, burn-through, and unfused defects.

4. The opening of the weather-tight cover of the fungus-shaped ventilator for ships should be flexible, and the movable part should be coated with neutral lubricating grease.

5. Derusting: the internal and external surfaces of the steel parts of the fungus-shaped ventilating cap should reach the Sa2 level or St2 level specified in GB/T8923, and then two antirust primers.

CBT 44444 TYPE A Mushroom Ventilators_00

Note: the height H1 of air pipe is decided by customer, and the support rib plate is only required when the H1 is over 900mm.

Structure descriptions:

1. Vent head

2. Seal packing

3. Brake pin

4. Rodent-proof, insect-proof net or fire net

5. Screww rod

6. Air pipe

7. Hand wheel

Obviously, type A CB/T 4444's opening & closing is operating from inside, other type B,C,D and E is available.

Type A CB/T 4444-2017 Models:

Nominal Diameter
D1 H h d L t Weight
150 250 100 40 M24 250 8.5 13
200 320 110 50 14
250 390 125 65 M30 300 19
300 470 135 75 25
350 540 150 90 M36 350 9 34
Note:the weight is of the ventilator only, not including air pipe

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