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Lakes Oil Spill Absorbent Mat

  • Deyuan Marine
  • Product: Lakes Oil Spill Absorbent Mat
  • Material: 100%PP
  • Technics: Melt-Blown
  • Application: Oil Spill Control
  • type : with dots or without
  • Delivery time: In stock or depends on order

Product Description

Lakes Oil Spill Absorbent Mat
Sorbent pads are important material for oil spill combating. In a spill cleaning action, sorbent pads normally remove lastsheen of oil, after most spilt oil is mechanically recovered, and clean spilt oil,  where mechanical devices can't be used and water isn't allowed to be secondly polluted (using oil spill dispersant isn’t allowed ).
Oil types PP-1 oil absorbent mat PP-2 oil absorbent mat
Multiple Time of penetration Multiple Time of penetration
2# Spindle Oil 17 2” 9.7 <1”
Light Diesel Oil 16.4 3” 9.5 <1”
7# Machine Oil 16.8 10.2” 10 <1”
20# Machine Oil 18 50.3” 11.1 5”
11# Diesel Engine Oil 11.51 Does not suck enough 12.1 51.3”
Specifications Afloat (g/g) Demersal (g/g)
PP-1 0.05 0.54
PP-2 0.2 1.46
More lakes oil spill absorbent mats can be offered,pls contact us for more details.
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