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High Quality Marine Fiber Reinforce Plastic Yatch Boat Trailer

Brand:Deyuan Marine
Product Name:Boat Trailer
Finish:Hot dipped galvanized
Payment Term:T/T,Western Union...
Delivery Time:Up to volume
Package:Standard Package

Product Description

High Quality Marine Fiber Reinforce Plastic Yatch Boat Trailer

Yacht Trailer is one of the useful method in marine yatch application .Before we use the Marine Yacht Trailer we need to know some important points .Marine Boat Trailer material is Fiber Reinforce Plastic .FRP Boat Trailer is the best material nowadays with good price and perfect working performance .

Fiber Reinforce Plastic Boat Trailer make our life more convenient, we should pay attention to those places to make us more safe during the operation.

When your boat is fitted with an engine, the center of gravity will shift back.Please note that you must adjust the position of the Marine FRP Boat Trailer .If the Fiber Reinforce Plastic Yatch Trailer is too close, there will be a drag force behind it.If the Marine FRP Yatch Trailer to low, the process will have a forward force.

The test can be done in a simple way: adults can lift a lever without too much effort without lifting New Yatch Trailer.

The moving process cannot be connected to the ship's hook only by the winch of the High Quality Boat Trailer. It is necessary to bind the ship and trailer with a tight belt or rope.

Below is the data sheet of Fiber Reinforce Plastic Boat Trailer for your information .Hope it can help you understand .

Type Lengthmm Widthmm Tyre Axle Carrying capacity(kg)
FRP330R 4050 1550 155R12CX2 Single axle 400
FRP330B 4050 1550 155R12CX2 400
FRP330AR 4050 1550 155R12CX2 400
FRP330P 4050 1550 155R12CX2 400
FRP330DR 4230 2500 ST175/80R13X2 750
FRP330DB 4230 2500 ST175/80R13X2 750
FRP480R 5360 2100 ST175/80R13X2 750
FRP480B 5360 2100 ST175/80R13X2 750
FRP550R 5960 2200 185R14CX2 1000
FRP550B 5960 2200 185R14CX2 1000
FRP600R 6460 2200 185R14CX2 1000
RIB350QR 3650 1550 155R12CX2 300
RIB420QR 4050 1550 155R12CX2 400
RIB480QR 4450 1730 155R12CX2 400
RIB520QR 4750 1730 155R12CX2 550
RIB580QR 5660 2100 ST175/80R13X2 750
RIB680QR 6460 2200 185R14CX2 1000

More fiber reinforce plastic boat trailer can be offered,pls contact us for more details.

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