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Double Axle Yacht Trailer Use For Marine Yatch Boat

Brand:Deyuan Marine
Product Name:Double Axles Yacht Trailer
Sulitable Boat Size:3-11m
Trailer Size:5-11m
Light:Led waterproof
Payment Term:T/T,Western Union...
Package:Standard Package

Product Description

Double Axle Yacht Trailer Use For Marine Yatch Boat 

With the gradual development of water sports, the yacht is welcomed by the outdoor sports people and the storage and use of the yacht has become a concern for many people.The advent of Yacht Trailer is a good solution to this problem.Deyuan Marine supply many types of Marine Yacht Trailer and sell Good Price Double Axle Trailer around the world .Before we use the Double Axle Yacht Trailer we need to know how to install the China Boat Trailer.

We need to prepare the Spanner ,wire and sleeve before we install Double Axle Boat Trailer.

1.The basic frame of the Marine Yacht Trailer is triangular so Yatch Double Axle Trailer should be arranged in the form of the big triangle.

2. The wire is required to "thread the needle" because the tail light of the Double Axle Boat Trailer is threaded through the various square pipes.

3.All parties of Double Axle Marine Yacht Trailer shall tighten the nut, preferably using a non-slip nut to ensure safe use .

4.Install the Yatch Double Axle Trailer tyres.Locate the center of gravity according to the actual length of the yacht and install the tire and steel spring in the appropriate position.

5.Install adjustable roller in the Double Axle Boat Trailer according to the different shape of the ship, can adjust the position of the roller to ensure full contact with the bottom.

6.Install the trailer ball. According to the actual equipment after the New Double Axle Yacht Trailer select the appropriate trailer ball to ensure the safety of the trailer and tractor.

Below is the data sheet of Double Axle Yacht Trailer for your need .

Type Lengthmm Widthmm Tyre Axle Carrying capacity(kg)
FRP600DR 6460 2200 ST175/80R13CX4 Double axle 1500
FRP690R 7100 2300 185R14CX4 2000
FRP850R 8650 2500 185R14CX4 2400

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