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High Quality Industrial Usage Oil Only Absorbent Rolls

Brand:Deyuan Marine
Product Name:Oil Only Absorbent Roll
Materials:100% polypropylene
Payment Term:T/T,Western Union...
Package:Standard Package
Guarantee:12 months
  • Product: Industrial Oil-Only Absorbent Rolls
  • Material: 100%PP
  • Technics: Melt-Blown
  • thickness : 2mm-6mm
  • Absorbency: up to 20liter per KG
  • Weight: light/medium/heavy

Product Description

High Quality Industrial Usage Oil Only Absorbent Rolls 

Oil Only Absorbent Rolls repel water but absorb fuel, brake fluid, hydraulic fluid and other oil-based liquids.

Oil Spill Absorbent Rolls are Ideal for maintenance & mini site workshops, vehicle repair shops, fuel & oil handling facilities, service stations and transport depots.

Industrial Oil-Only Absorbent Rolls have Great for bilge & floor mop up in ships, boats, naval and service vessels, oil rigs and floating platforms.

Industrial Oil Only Absorbents are Lower transport and disposal costs due to high absorbency to weight ratio.

Oil Absorbent Roll has Tough, durable, non allergenic, non-hazardous and dust free absorbent.

Industrial Usage Oil Absorbent Rolls have Excellent water repellent characteristics (hydrophobic) - use in the rain or float on water to absorb oil & fuel only.

High Quality Oil Absorbent Rolls Rapidly absorbs spills for improved safety and productivity in the workplace.

New Oil Only Absorbent Roll Can be squeezed and re-used.

Cheap Oil Only Absorbent Roll Simple and easy to use without the need for specialized PPE.

Marine Oil Absorbent Rolls are Cut to required size easily with scissors or utility knife. More information of Oil Only Absorbent Rolls please contact our sales team.

Type Size Count&Packing Absorbency
PS2201 40cm*60m*2.5mm 2 pcs/bag 153 L/Bag
PS2202 80cm*60m*2.5mm 1 pcs/bag 153 L/Bag
PS2301 40cm*40m*3mm 2 pcs/bag 153 L/Bag
PS2302 80cm*40m*3mm 1 pcs/bag 153 L/Bag
PS2401 40cm*30m*4mm 2 pcs/bag 153 L/Bag
PS2402 80cm*30m*4mm 1 pcs/bag 153 L/Bag

More industrial oil-only absorbent rolls can be offered,pls contact us for more details.

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