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Good Price 18 Meters Marine Common Type Free Fall Lifeboat

Brand:Deyuan Marine
Product Name:18m Free Fall Lifeboat
Type:Common Type lifeboat
Capacity :50
Standard: SOLAS Standard
Certificate:CCS ,EC,ABS ,BV,GL etc
Payment:T/T,L/C ,Paypal
Origin :China
Guarantee:12 Months
  • Item: Free Fall Lifeboat
  • Capacity : 16~100person
  • Boat Length : 4.9M~16.5M
  • Type: common type
  • Certificate: CCS,ABS,LR,BV,DNV,ABS,RINA etc
  • Delivery time: 1~3months

Product Description

Good Price 18 Meters Marine Common Type Free Fall Lifeboat 

The materials used in the manufacture of the Normal Type Free Fall Lifeboat is fiber glass .Common type Free Fall Lifeboat is quickly becoming a common lifesaving appliance on seagoing vessels and offshore facilities. Cargo version freefall lifeboat is designed as per the LIFE-SAVING APPLIANCE CODE- MSC.218(82)& MSC.272(85) and tested in accordance with MSC. 81(70) and its amendments MSC.226(82)&MSC.274(85) 

Common version free fall lifeboat is widely used in cargo ships, tankers ,semi-submersible drilling platforms and fixed production platforms. Dropping height of free fall lifeboat is from 16M to 42M.

The benefit of Free Fall Lifeboat is in an emergency evacuation . Marine Free Fall Lifeboat slips out of the ship's slopes and on board or installation ,from the Common Type Free Fall Lifeboat or installation a highly positive forward movement.

Passengers are safe in a enclosed Common Type Free Fall Lifeboat , securely strapped to the body's seat.

Deyuan Marine has many kinds of Good Price Free Fall Lifeboats approved CCS ,EC,ABS ,GL etc ...All of the Common Type Free Fall Lifeboat with Good Price now .Please check the Technical Parameter of Marine Common Type Free Fall Lifeboat .Any questions please contact us directly .

Model Main Dim. Capacity Length of Ramp Speed Fall Height Total weight
(m) (P) (m) (knots) (m) (kg)
DY-FN-4.9 4.90x2.25x0.86 16 5.9 >6 16 4040
DY-FN-5.8 5.80x2.55x0.90 25 7 >6 17 5560
DY-FN-6.65 6.65x2.70x1.20 30 8.2 >6 21 6337
DY-FN-6.8 6.80x2.70x1.20 31 8.2 >6 22 6439.5
DY-FN-7.5 7.50x2.70x1.20 35 9 >6 22 7374
DY-FN-8.5 8.80x2.94x1.2 40 10.2 >6 25 8422
DY-FN-9.5 9.50x3.23x1.06 51 11.3 >6 32 10810
DY-FN-13.0 13.0x3.70x1.06 50* 18 >6 50 16500
DY-FN-13.6 13.6x3.74x1.06 60*/75 16.3 >6 42 21140
DY-FN-15.0 15.0x3.70x1.06 70* 15.6 >6 50 21250

common type free fall lifeboatfree fall lifeboat with free fall launching davit China deyuan marine

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