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Davit-launched Self-righting Inflatable Liferaft Release Hook

  • Deyuan Marine

Product Description

Davit-launched Self-righting Inflatable Liferaft Release Hook :
Operation Instruction:
1.hoist hanging hook:take out the pin,pull the hook,Iet Spring housing and handle 
   get to "hook" position.hoist the life when hook locked.
2.hoist releasing hook:when hook is loaded,pull the handle of spring housing with 
pin to "releasa" position,When hook is nonleaded,handle of spring housing can 
auromatically reach the " releasingn hook"position,then the life raft releases the hook.
Checking list
1.The junction between hook and pin shaft should be flexible.
2.Positions on the operating handle(hitching,releasing,discharging)should be exact and flesible.
3.The junction between roller and pin shaft should be flexible.
Maintaining and repairing:
After being used,the release hook should be checked periodically,
all the moving parts should always being filled with enough grease:
since some parts wore,bent,or the coutractility of spring cannot meet 
the requirement.the relesing motion not flexible or being locked 
deadly,then these relatingparts should be changed.
Periodical maintaining plan
The release hook must be checked every three months to ensue it's flexible 
and not being locked,so that it can be released smoothly when working.
Model DY-25
Specification 25KN
Release form Automatic release
Safe working load 25KN
Test specification 25KN
Test load for 2.5 times  62.5KN
Test load for 6 times  150KN
On the pitch 32MM
Under the aperture 27MM

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