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CCS Approved Marine Davit-launching Inflatable Liferaft Release Hook

Brand:Deyuan Marine
Product Name: Liferaft Release Hook
Material :Stainless Steel
Marine Certificate:CCS
Delivery time:Accrding to order volume
Transpot:By sea ,air
Origin:China Mainland

Product Description

CCS Approved Marine Davit-launching Inflatable Liferaft Release Hook 

Liferaft Release Hook is one of the help equipment when we release the liferaft in our boat .Marine Liferaft Release Hook has automatic type and manual type .You can choose the Marine Use Release Hook according to your need . When the life Raft Automatic Release Hook fails or in bad sea condition. We can adopt the Manual Liferaft Release Hook.

Marine Inflatable Liferaft Release Hook operating principle is Lock position (LOCKED), when the control handle ends hook to the hook handle, the hook handle of Stainless Steel Liferaft Release Hook cannot be pulled down, the hook cannot be removed.

CCS Liferaft Release Hook (AUTO RELEASE), pull the control handle, the control end of the handle RELEASE hook hook handle, no longer but the hook handle due to hook hanging hangs on the raft or rescue boat gravity, hook can't independent RELEASE. When the life raft or rescue boat is lowered into the water, the hook is not stressed.The hook handle is operated by the spring force installed on the control handle and it turns and takes off.

SOLAS Davit-launching Liferaft Release Hook (MANUAL RELEASE), in the life raft or rescue boat fell into the water after the hook does not automatically RELEASE, or in case of an emergency needs under the condition of artificial hook RELEASE, first remove down control handle interlock, and then pull hook handle hard, you can manually RELEASE hook, the operation may be more demanding.

Deyuan Marine Liferaft Release Hook With CCS Certificate has the good price now .If you have any questions please let us know .

Model DY-21
Specification 21KN
Release form Automatic release
Safe working load 21KN
Test specification 25KN
Test load for 2.5 times  62.5KN
Test load for 6 times  150KN
On the pitch 32MM
Under the aperture 27MM

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