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37KN Automatic Release Hook For Rescue Boat and Life Raft

Brand:Deyuan Marine
Product Name: Automatic Release Hook
Material:Stainless Steel
Safe working load:37KN
Marine Certificate:CCS,EC etc
Package:Standard Package
Payment:T/T,L/C ,Paypal
Delivery time:15 days
Origin :China
Guarantee:12 months

Product Description

37KN Automatic Release Hook For Rescue Boat and Life Raft 

Deyuan Marine has many type of Marine Release Hook for rescue boat and life raft .All the SOLAS Release Hooks with CCS ,EC,ABS Certificates .

The operation of Automatic Release Hook need to accord with SOLAS requirement .Some time Rescue Boat Release Hook can as for Life Raft Release Hook when The ship is equipped with a rescue boat and a suspended life raft which is connected by four boat cables.When the life raft (rescue boat) is lowered to about 2 meters from the surface, the red handle is pulled and the 37KN Release Hook is in unloaded release and the life raft is not out of the hook.

Continue to drop the life raft, when the life raft (rescue boat) lands on the water surface, because of the buoyancy effect, the hanging 37KN Automatic Release Hook does not bear force, the Rescue Boat 37KN Automatic Release Hook will automatically take off.

The Reset method of Life Raft 37KN Automatic Release Hook: at the same time, the hook head can be raised, the hook head can be reset, the hook can be put into the hook head directly after the hook head is reset.

If you need more information of Rescue Boat Automatic Release Hook please contact us .

37KN Rescue Boat Automatic Release Hook date sheet for your information :

Model DY-37
Specification 37KN
Release form Manual /Automatic release
Safe working load 37KN
Test specification 37KN
Test load for 2.5 times  92.5KN
Test load for 6 times  222KN
On the pitch 34MM
Under the aperture 27MM

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