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250W/300W/500W TG26 Search Light With Joystick

Place of Origin: China
Model: TG26
Power: 250W/300W/500W
Light Source: Halogen
Voltage: 220V/50HZ/60HZ
Lamp holder: GY6.35/GY6.95
Protection class: IP56
Luminous flux: 5600lm/6900lm/12500lm

Product Description

250W/300W/500W TG26 Search Light With Joystick

500W TG26 Search Light product description-DEYUAN MARINE

Application of TG26 Search Light:

DEYUAN MARINE'S  TG26 Search Light is designed to meet applicable marine requirements, these marine TG26 search light is suitable for all kinds of ships for lighting or target searching  at night  or other demanding applications, such as narrow channel and the inland river riverway, etc.

Available wattage for TG 26 searchlight series are as follow:

250W TG26 Search Light

300W TG26 Search Light

500W TG26 Search Light

DEYUAN MARINE also offer other tungsten halogen Search Light for option, If you are looking for any other different search light, pls contact us our sales team for futher discuss.

Material  of Marine TG26 Search Light 

Stainless steel housing

Hardened glass lampshape

Cast copper base

 Light Source for  TG26 Search Light 


Tungsten halogen light

24V/220V(50Hz/60Hz) voltage

TG26 Search Light  control

Bridge operated short and high

Can be controlled by joystick

Adjustable with 350°horizontal, ±30°tilting movement

Marine 1000W Halogen Searchlight TECHNICAL PARAMETERS

 250W/300W/500W TG26 Search Light With Joystick

Model Wattage luminous flux Light intensity Light Intensity Cable entry Weight Remark
TG26 250W 5600lm / G6.35 Ф10~Ф12 20.5kg Brige operated
300W 6900lm 65000cd GY9.5
500W 12500lm 80000cd GY9.5

Remote control 1000W Searchlight

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