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2000W Halogen Light Manual Control Search Light

Place of Origin: China
Model: TG28-B
Control: Manual control
Power: 2000W
Light Source: Halogen light
Protection class: IP56
Weight: About 70KG
Certificate: CCS/ABS/CE
Delivery time: Normally in stock

Product Description

2000W Halogen Light Manual Control Search Light TG28-B

Halogen Manual control search light PRODUCT DESCRIPTION

Introduction of Manual Control Search Search light

Manual Control Search light, as the name indicates, it is a kind of search light operated by manual power to control the up and down movement. 

Search light's movement was adjustable with 350°horizontal, 20°tilt up,50°tilt down.

Manual Control Search light also have same funtion as remote ones or bridge operated ones, for lighting or target searching at night, all search lights are suitable for different kinds of vessels.

DEYUAN MARINE develop a full range of manual control search light to meet different marine applications, like

1)300W/500W manual control search light TG26-B, Halogen light source

2)1000W manual control  search light TG27-B, Halogen light source

3) 2000W manual control  Search light TG28-B, Halogen light source

All the above manual search light are made from high quality stainless steel with good performance.


Manual control search light

Model Wattage luminous flux Light intensity  
Cable entry Weight Remark
TG26-B 300W 6900lm 65000cd GY9.5 Ф10~Ф12 16.50kg Manual control
500W 12500lm 80000cd GY9.5 Ф10~Ф12 16.50kg Manual control
TG27-B 1000W 23000lm 200000cd GX9.5 Ф10~Ф12 16.50kg Manual control
TG28-B 2000W 53000lm 800000cd GY16 Ф10~Ф12 30.00kg Manual control

marine manual control search light

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