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20' ISO Standard Frame Tank Container UN T11

Frame Size: ISO 20'
Frame Material: Q355D
Tank Material: 316L
Tank Capacity: 14500L~26000L
Working Pressure: 4.0bar
Designed Temperature: -40°C~130°C
Heating System: Steam
Tank Design: ASME VIII DIV.1,IMDG...

Product Description

20' ISO Standard Frame Tank Container UN T11

Tank container also called ISO container, is bulit to ISO standards, mainly consisted of Q 355D frame and 316L tank, for carring liquor, liquid food, oil or chemicals. It is an intermodal container suitable for different modes of transportation.

20 Feet- ISO Standard FRAME UN T11

Frame: 20' ISO Standard Frame,also available for 10' Frame, 20' full frame.

Tank: T11, T14, T75, etc.,

20 Feet- ISO Standard FRAME UN T11-1

Model 20'ISO Frame collar tank, UN Portable
Technical Data
Tank Material Sans 50058-7,WNr.14402/1.4404,equivalent to 316L
Frame Material GB/T 1591-Q355D,SPA-H
Frame Dimensions 20'(L)x8’6"(H)
Nominal Capacity 14500L 17500L 21000L 24000L 25000L 26000L

Tank Steam Heating
Working Pressure 4.0Bar 4.0Bar
Test Pressure 6.0Bar 6.0Bar
Vacuum Pressure 0.41Bar
Design Tempt. -40℃ to 130℃
Standard Fittings
Manway Assembly 500mm-8 point fixing
Airline Connection 1.5" BSP Ball valve with dust cap and chain
PRV Assembly 2-1/2" BSP Pressure relief valve,set pressure:4.4Bar
Top Discharge Provision DN80 Weld-in pad with bolted blank flange
Bottom Discharge Assembly 3"45°S/S internal footvale+3" BSP
Insulation & Cladding 50mm mineral wool plus GRP
Steam Heating 6 runs with inlet and outlet connection 3/4" BSP
Footpath 475mm, Marine grade,anti-slip aluminium
Thermometer 1-off,dual scale, ranged from -40℃ to 160℃
Stacking Test 10 layers, 21600kg

20 Feet- ISO Standard FRAME UN T11-2

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