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100% Polypropylene-2 Marine Oil Absorbent Mat For Sales

Brand:Deyuan Marine
Product Name:Oil Absorbent Mat
Use:water-oil separation
Materials:100% polypropylene
Payment Term:T/T,Western Union...
Delivery Time:Up to volume
Package:Standard Package

Product Description

100% Polypropylene-2 Marine Oil Absorbent Mat For Sales 

Polypropylene Oil Absorbent Mats good to use for water-oil separation.PP-2 Oil Absorbent Mats suitable for absorbing oils of higher viscosity. Oil Spill Absorbent Mats mainly made by PP materials(waterproof but perfect Oil absorbency).PP-1 Oil Absorbent Mat with good feature of small gap but big porosity, so Melt- blown Fabric possesses fine Oil absorbency .After testing Oil Absorbent Mat can absorb 17~20 times oil than its own weight. 

100% Polypropylene Oil Absorbent Mats have two package methods .PE bag suitable for use when purchasing and PE bag & cartons suitable for storage.

Below is the Marine Oil Absorbent Mat feature from Deyuan Marine 

1.Rapid oil absorption. 

2.100% polypropylene. 

3.Economic, effective and lightweight. 

Good Price Oil Absorbent Mats use for absorb oil and petroleum based fluids .Deyuan Marine supply Oil Absorbent pads with fast absorb and highly cost effective .If you need more information of Oil Absorbent sheets please contact us .

Oil types PP-2 oil absorbent mat
Multiple Time of penetration
2# Spindle Oil 9.7<1”
Light Diesel Oil 9.5<1”
7# Machine Oil 10<1”
20# Machine Oil 11.1 5”
11# Diesel Engine Oil 12.1 51.3”

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