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Single Chute Vertical Passage Marine Evacuation System

  • Deyuan Marine

Product Description

Single chute vertical passage Marine Evacuation System 
The Marine Evacuation System is stowed in the stainless steel container on the deck. When releasing the handle, the system will be formed into the sea automatically.
Specification: 10、11、12、13、14、15、16、17、18、19、20、21 and 22 meters.
Approval standard
1 MSC.8170Revised Recommendation on Testing of Life-saving Appliances
2 MSC.4866International Life-saving Appliance Code
Model Maximum Stowage height Maximum assigned  Capacity on the platform Weight Dimension of container
(meter) (person) (person) (kg) (mm)
MES-VP10.0-300 10 300 60 1360 2300×1600×2200
MES-VP11.0-300 11 1370
  MES-VP12.0-300 12 1380
MES-VP13.0-300 13 1390
MES-VP14.0-300 14 1400
MES-VP15.0-300 15 1410
MES-VP16.0-300 16 1420
MES-VP17.0-300 17 1430
MES-VP18.0-300 18 1440
MES-VP19.0-300 19 1450
MES-VP20.0-300 20 1460
MES-VP21.0-300 21 1470
MES-VP22.0-300 22 1480
More single chute vertical passage marine evacuation system can be offered,pls contact us for more details
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