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Marine Inclined Single Chute Passage Live Saving Evacuation System

Brand:Deyuan Marine
Product Name: Marine Evacuation System
Platform Capacity:63persons
Package:SOLAS Pack A or B
Certificate:CCS ,EC ...
Origin :China

Product Description

Marine Inclined Single Chute Passage Live Saving Evacuation System

Marine Saving Evacuation System is one of the ideal method for the high-sided passenger boat because the Marine Evacuation System can provide safe evacuation within 30 minutes quickly and easily.

Marine Live Saving Evacuation System we offer can protect the evacuees safety from the bad weather condition descent .Besides Inclined Single Evacuation System can also compensates for the evacuees of ships and the sea during evacuation for safe transfer to the system's liferafts.Inclined Single Marine Evacuation System is a very unique evacuation arrangement that allows people in a boat to float into a position-based league in an emergency. 

The most important advantage of has a Marine Evacuation System on board is that people can enter the pontoon without being drenched in water or facing any danger, saving valuable time and thus differentiating the entire life and death.Inclined Single Chute Evacuation System is mainly used for cruise ships and other types of passenger ships.They give the Inclined Chute Passage Evacuation System another less well-known name - Single Chute Passage Evacuation System.

The Marine Evacuation System is stowed in the stainless steel container on the deck. When releasing the handle, the system will be formed into the sea automatically.Specification: 6、7、8、9、10、11 and 12 meters.Approval: CCS.Live Saving Evacuation System has many kind of ship is as per the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) standards.If you need more information of Evacuation System please contact us .
Approval standard
1.MSC.81(70)Revised Recommendation on Testing of Life-saving Appliances
2.MSC.48(66)International Life-saving Appliance Code
Model Maximum Stowage height Maximum assigned Capacity on the platform Weight Dimension of container
(meter) (person) (person) (kg) (mm)
MES-D6.0-315 6 315 63 1280 2000×1050×1800
MES-D7.0-315 7 1380 2000×1050×1800
MES-D8.0-315 8 1460 2000×1100×1800
MES-D9.0-315 9 1680 2200×1150×1850
MES-D10.0-315 10 1800 2200×1150×1900
MES-D11.0-315 11 1860 2240×1200×2000
MES-D12.0-315 12 1900 2300×1200×2

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