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Double Chute Vertical Passage Marine Evacuation System

  • Deyuan Marine

Product Description

Double Chute Vertical Passage Marine Evacuation System:
The Marine Evacuation System is stowed in the stainless steel container on the deck. 
When releasing the handle, the system will be formed into the sea automatically.
Specification: 10、11、12、13、14、15、16、17、18、19、20、21 and 22 meters 
Approval: CCS
Approval standard
1 MSC.8170Revised Recommendation on Testing of Life-saving Appliances
2 MSC.4866International Life-saving Appliance Code
Model Maximum Stowage height Maximum assigned  Capacity on the platform Weight Dimension of container
(meter) (person) (person) (kg) (mm)
MES-VP10.0-600 10 600 120 1900 3300×1500×2200
MES-VP11.0-600 11 1920
MES-VP12.0-600 12 1940
MES-VP13.0-600 13 1960
MES-VP14.0-600 14 1980
MES-VP15.0-600 15 2000
MES-VP16.0-600 16 2020
MES-VP17.0-600 17 2040
MES-VP18.0-600 18 2060
MES-VP19.0-600 19 2080
MES-VP20.0-600 20 2100
MES-VP21.0-600 21 2120
MES-VP22.0-600 22 2140
More double chute vertical passage marine evacuation system can be offered,pls contact us for more details
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