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Shore-Seal Boom

  • Deyuan Marine

Product Description

Shore-Seal Boom :
Shore-Seal boom can be used alone or with other booms used, usually in coastal waters laying beach type booms, in the deep water laying booms in general, both linked to a complete overflow Yau Wai control system.
Features :
1. With rubber cloth booms body. High strength concrete, oil, abrasion and weather, and long life.
2. Booms Day fast connection between the aluminum alloy joints; the booms and the distribution of such connectors can be of any booms connection.
3. With good stability, hysteresis and strong oil.
4. Store small size, mobility, easy deployment, recovery and storage.
5. Booms in the air chamber and injection chamber were used as an annex to the aeration and aeration or water injection pump.
6. Booms laid in shoal bank be fixed, it can at both ends of booms or sections, the use of anchors and anchor ropes group.
7. Suited for river, lake, sea, shoal bank waters and oil spill emergency use.
Instruction manual :
1. Booms hydraulic winch, used for storage and transport booms.
2. Power Station, the booms of the hydraulic winch motor and can control the hydraulic power supply, winding around the roller forward and backward, stop, brake and transmission, complete booms deployment and recovery operations.
3. Charging and water injection pump getter placed in the cloth to the booms when the full exhaust gas chamber, and filling.
More Shore-Seal Boom Can Be Offered,Pls Contact Us For More Details.
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