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SOLAS Standard Marine High Quality F.R.P Totally Enclosed Lifeboat

Brand:Deyuan Marine
Product Name: F.R.P Totally Enclosed Lifeboat
Capacity :22P-135P
Standard: SOLAS Standard
Certificate:CCS ,EC,ABS ,BV,GL etc
Payment:T/T,L/C ,Paypal
Delivery time:About 45 days
Origin :China
  • Item: lifeboat
  • Type: totally enclosed
  • Material: FRP fiberglass
  • Capacity: 10pers~150person
  • Boat Length: 5M~12.5M
  • Certificate: CCS,ABS,RINA,LR,BV,DNV etc

Product Description

SOLAS Standard Marine High Quality F.R.P Totally Enclosed Lifeboat

Marine Life Saving Totally Enclosed Lifeboat is suitable for use on board the ocean going vessels under worse sea condition. All the Marine F.R.P Totally Enclosed Lifeboat approve SOLAS Standard .We have 14 models are available from 5.00M to 12.50M. There are Two types of SOLAS Standard Totally Enclosed Lifeboats are available. One is common type ,the other one is tanker version fireproof type which equpped with a sprinkle system.

SOLAS Standard F.R.P Totally Enclosed Lifeboat is one of the most important life saving equipment in our vessel .Marine High Quality F.R.P Totally Enclosed Lifeboat uses in the emergency situation to abandon the vessel .

SOLAS Standard High Quality Totally Enclosed Lifeboat has smaller rigid boat ,safe onboard into the lifeboat davit .It can launch into the water and assist to escape the crew from the vessel .

We have many type of F.R.P Totally Enclosed Lifeboat With High Quality .All our Good Price SOLAS F.R.P Totally Enclosed Lifeboats are in good design ,good quality and was approved by CCS,ABS,DNV,BV,NK,LR,RMRS etc .If you are looking for any CCS Approved F.R.P Totally Enclosed Lifeboat .Deyuan marine would be your best choice. We export lots of boat and davit every month, definitely can give you the right proposal and suggestion.

Below is the data sheet of F.R.P Totally Enclosed Lifeboat For Sales .Please do not hesitate to contact our sales team for more details.

Model Main Dim. Capacity Hook Distance Speed Max. Height Total Weight
(m) (P) (m) (knots) (m) (kg)
DY-QFP-5.00 5.00x2.2x1.10 22 4.6 >6 2.85 4015
DY-QFN-5.00 4365
DY-QFP-5.25 5.25x2.3x1.1 25 4.9 >6 2.9 4402.5
DY-QFN-5.25 4752.5
DY-QFP-6.00A 6.00x2.3x1.1 36 5.65 >6 3 5477
DY-QFN-6.00A 5857
DY-QFP-6.50 6.50x2.3x1.2 36 6.1 >6 3.1 5468
DY-QFN-6.50 5918
DY-QFP-7.00 7.00x2.7x1.1 48 6.6 >6 3.1 7196
DY-QFN-7.00 7584
DY-QFP-7.50 7.50x2.7x1.1 44 6.5 >6 3.1 6684
DY-QFN-7.50 7184
DY-QFP-7.50A 7.50x2.7x1.1 68 7.1 >6 3.1 8965
DY-QFN-7.50A 9335
DY-QFP-8.00 8.00x2.85x1.2 50 7 >6 3.1 7651
DY-QFN-8.00 8001
DY-QFP-8.50 8.50x3.1x1.22 63 7.5 >6 3.1 9686.5
DY-QFN-8.50 9942.5
DY-QFP-8.50X 8.50x2.9x1.20 80 8.14 >6 3.25 10949
DY-QFN-8.50X 11295
DY-QFP-9.35 9.35x3.6x1.2 102 8.95 >6 3.25 13771
DY-QFN-9.35 14271
DY-QFP-10.9 10.90x3.9x1.2 130 10.5 >6 3.65 17406
DY-QFN-10.9 17906
DY-QFP-11.8 11.80x4.2x1.25 150 11.3 >6 4 21250
DY-QFN-11.8 22000
DY-QFP-12.5 12.5x3.90x1.25 130/150 7.1 >6 4 21645/21350
DY-QFN-12.5 22395/22100

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