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Marine UV Sterilizers

  • Item: Marine UV Sterilizers
  • Capacity : 1m3/h~40m3/h
  • Application: Sterilizer drinking water
  • Material: SUS304
  • Payment terms: TT,LC,Western Union,paypal, credit card
  • Delivery time: In stock

Product Description

Marine UV Sterilizers
Marine UV Sterilizers is designed to sterilize drinking water on board before consumption,to meet different applications or requirements in industry and marine fields,we design a wide range of  UV sterilizers,capacity range from 1M3/H to 40M3/h. The whole system includes stainless steel UV chamber, UV sensor, UV-lamp, Quartz jacket, solenoid valve, control cabinet.

Main features of Marine UV sterilizers
- Stainless steel chamber with no corrosion
- Long life UV lamp up to 8000 HRS
-User friendly interface with PLC for easy operation and understanding
UV sterilizers
-UV lamp status monitoring system indicating clearly which lamp to the change
Model UV1 UV1.5 UV2 UV3 UV5 ~UV40
Capacity 1M3/H 1.5M3/H 2M3/H 3M3/H 5M3/H 40M3/H
Marine UV Sterilizers China Deyuan Marine

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