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Marine UV Sterilizer and Offshore Sterilizers


  • Item: UV Sterilizer
  • Capacity : 1m3/h~40m3/h
  • Application: Sterilizer drinking water
  • Material: SUS304
  • Payment terms: TT,LC,Western Union,paypal, credit card
  • Delivery time: In stock

Product Description

Marine UV Sterilizer and Offshore Sterilizers
We developed UIV series UV-sterilizer  bases on the latest technology, to provide a high effective disinection unit for drinking water,different capacity are for selection depends on different application in marine and industry.T he whole system includes stainless steel UV chamber, UV sensor, UV-lamp, Quartz jacket, solenoid valve, control cabinet.
The unit is completely arranged inner pipeline and cabling, for pipeline there is only inlet, outlet for user. Furthermore there is only power supply and remote alarm to be connected.
The  UV-sterilizer  is to be located with certain space for maintenance, which is enough for on-site  replacement of UV lamp and quartz. The unit is to be positioned far from heavy vibration. For  detail installation, please refer to the drawings
Model UV1 UV1.5 UV2 UV3 UV5 ~UV40
Capacity 1M3/H 1.5M3/H 2M3/H 3M3/H 5M3/H 40M3/H
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