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High-power Voice Audible Alarm


Product Description

High-power Voice Audible Alarm
Application of lifting machinery, gantry cranes, bridge cranes, ports, terminals, etc.
1. Shell using spray steel plate made of, beautiful novel structure, light weight, good corrosion resistance.
2. Seal good performance, with good waterproof and dustproof function.
3. The lamp uses light-emitting diodes made life more than 60,000 hours.
The shade is made of PC materials, with a particularly good impact strength, thermal stability and gloss.
5. The specific integrated chip design, superior electromagnetic interference performance.
6. A variety of tones (voice) to select a wide range of applications.
Type YS-300M
Selectable voltage DC12V/DC24V / AC220V/AC380V
Warning Light Power 80W
Decibel horn 135dB
Size(mm) 200W*193*441H
installation Wall-mounted
Operating temperature -30℃~+70℃
Pitch 1-Tone ,2-Security,3-Fire tone,4-Clear the way sound,5-Ambulance sound,6-Antiaircraft sound,
7-Sound engineering,8-Machine gun sound,9-Flatbed to the note,10-Crane start Note,
the belt starts Note built-in 10 tones(7 kinds of tone and three kinds of fixed voice)

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