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38M Boat Automatic Fog Horn Controller with Air Horn

Controller type: Automatic
Sutable: 20-200M Boat
Place of origin: China
Brand: Deyuan Marine
Install Type: Embedded or Wall Mounted

Product Description

38M Boat Automatic Fog Horn Controller with Air Horn

When in fog weather, the visibility at sea was extremely poor, which brought great difficulties to the normal navigation of ships. In the history of navigation, there were a large number of accidents related to the collision of ships and the collision of reefs caused by fog. In order to ensure the safety of fog navigation, it is very necessary to have fog horn to be constantly sounded to attract the attention of passing ships.

Our product meets the requirements on sound and light signals stipulated in “Convention on the International Regulation for Preventing Collisions at Sea” (COLREG).

According to item 35 in “COLREG”: Sound signals should be used in poor visibility. (Poor visibility refers to limited visibility under the circumstances of fog, dust-storm, snow, storm, sand storm and etc.) The sound signals of our product:

Siren Type 

— /2min                    (1 long ring/2mins)

— —/2min                 (2 long rings/2mins)

— ··/ 2min                 (1 long and 2 short rings/2mins)

— ··· / 2min                (1 long and 3 short rings/2mins)

· — · / 1min                (1 short ,1 long and 1 short rings/1min)

One long ring lasts for 4~6 seconds, one short ring lasts for 1 second. Interval is 2 seconds. 

1.Working Condition

(1) Surrounded temperature: 25℃~55℃

(2) Relative humidity: 92%~98%

(3)When vibration frequency is 2~13.2HZ, displacement amplitude is±1mm.when vibration frequency is +13.2~80HZ, acceleration amplitude is±7%.

(4) The voltage of the control is within +6%~-10% of the rated voltage. It can work safely when the frequency change is within±5% of the rated frequency. 

(5) Power loss of the control:15 W

(6)Output contactor capacity of the control: 5A/250V (ultimate capacity: 10A/AC250V)

(7) Outer size of the control: length x width x height = 216×165×100 mm

(8) Weight of the controller: 3 Kg

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