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CCS Approved Marine Life Raft Ration Food With Good Price

Brand:Deyuan Marine
Product Name:Life Raft Ration Food
Standard:SOLAS Approved
IMPA Code: 33 02 25
Weight: 500-550g
Validity: 3 years
Marine Certificate:CCS
Package:30 package/carton
Carton Size: 355*270*220mm
Origin :China

Product Description

CCS Approved Marine Life Raft Ration Food With Good Price 

Deyuan Marine offers Ration Food in accordance with military specification and the Marine Ration Food IMPA code is33 02 25.Marine Boat Ration Food in this packet is especially developed for survival and for use in marine life rafts .We all know the Vessel Ration Food good function when we are in the water and the food supply is limited.That is why the Life Raft Ration Food is the necessary outfit when we meet emergency situation .Also we can use them as Life Boat Ration Food.When the Life Saving Ration Food entirely consumed by a man in one day .Ration Food packet will maintain survival efficiency.

We supply the Good Price Life Raft Ration Food in stock now .If you need more information of CCS Approved Ration Food please contact us .Below is the data information for your reference .

IMPA code:33 02 25
Model No.: KL-99
Ration food Net weight:500-550g 
Ration food shelf life:3 years 
Ration food approval:CCS
carton  packing:30 package/carton
Ration food carton size:355*270*220mm
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