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Waterproof 110N Marine Life Saving Inflatable Waist Life Jacket

Brand:Deyuan Marine
Floating duration:≥24h
Products validity: 3 years
Delivery time:7 days
Payment:T/T,L/C ,Paypal

Product Description

Waterproof 110N Marine Life Saving Inflatable Waist Life Jacket

Inflatable Life Jacket means he CO2 is flushed into the air bag to form buoyancy. Nowadays he Marine Life Jacket is hot sell type because it is easy to use and stock .110N Inflatable Life Jacket as one type Marine Life Saving Jacket we can see them in the market with different price .But different level quality Marine Inflatable Waist Life Jacket influence the price so we need to check more details before we purchase them .

Inflatable Waist Life Jacket is new-style life-saving equipment than the traditional type .

The life belt outer is to protect the inner chamber which connected with a mini-cylinder. Waterproof Inflatable Waist Life Jacket is leisure style and popular now because Waterproof 110N Waist Life Jacket seems like a waist belt fasten on the waist.

If we fall into water 110N Inflatable Waist Life Jacket can inflate quickly to a horse-shoe lifebuoy within 5minutes to save the drowning.

More information of 110N Waist Life Jacket please contact us directly .

Specific details:
Material:Nylon, waterproof
Inflate forming time≤5s
Floating duration≥24h
After 24h, buoyancy loss≤5%
With reflective tapes, CO2 cylinder and whistle, air release valve ( bobbin)
Weight of CO2: 24g 
Suggest to buy cylinder and bobbin while purchasing the inflatable life jacket
Products validity: 3 years 
certificate: CCS&CE
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