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High Quality Cotton Fabric 100N Marine Inflatable Life Jacket

Brand:Deyuan Marine
Material:cotton fabric
Floating duration:≥24h
Weight of CO2: 24g 
Payment:T/T,L/C ,Paypal
Delivery time:7 days

Product Description

High Quality Cotton Fabric 100N Marine Inflatable Life Jacket

Marine Life Jacket has two types manual and automatic .Marine Inflatable Life Jacket Suitable for mixed boat, yacht, military, police, water cruiser, water construction, offshore drilling platform, flood relief, salvage is flood control, navigation, water escape tools in the field of hydrology, water conservancy, etc.

Inflatable Life Jacket made by Cotton Fabric and the 100N Inflatable Life Jacket with the high quality after we tested .100N Life Jacket widely use in marine life saving application .

100N Marine Inflatable Life Jacket manual type working principle :Before fall in the water , pull cord on the inflatable device, so that the pull rod turns to not less than 90 degrees, the puncture the cylinder diaphragm, the high pressure CO2 gas is charged into the air bag, and the gas expands to generate buoyancy.

Cotton Fabric Inflatable Life Jacket automatic type working principle When the user fall in the water,The lifejacket is immersed in water to soften the internal water sensitive components of the automatic device and the impact needle is lost. The spring is used to push the puncture of the puncture of the gas cylinder to the air bag to generate buoyancy.

Cotton Fabric 100N Life Jacket instruction

1.Dry in the shade. It is forbidden to be in the sun or to use any heat source.

2.Synthetic fabrics suggest a mild detergent wet wipe. Then rinse with water.

3.Do not wash by machine .

4.Do not dry clean.

5.Do not bleach.

If you need any more information of High Quality Inflatable Life Jacket please contact us directly .

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