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Type BA Oblate Tube Gooseneck Ventilator with Welding Angle Neck CB/T 4220-2013

Type: Oblate tube,Welding right angle neck
Standard: CB/T 296-99&CB/T 4220-13
Model: Type BA
Application: Tanks/Deck ventilating
Nominal Diameter: 100~300mm
Material: seamless steel tube or hull-structural steel

Product Description

Type BA Oblate Tube Gooseneck Ventilator with Welding Angle Neck 

This ventilator looks like a goose's neck, so called gooseneck ventilator, it is usually used on oil tank or exposed deck.

Standards for such marine ventilators here are CB/T 4220-2013 and its previous version CB/T 296-1999,they are equal to other standards from other countries.

Type BA is Oblate circular tube with welding right angle neck, is made of marine grade or seamless steel, to ensure reliability and durability.


Data sheet of Type BA oblate circular gooseneck ventilators:

DN Vent Pipe Cover Packing Pressure Plate Head Screw Turn
LxB t L1xB1 t1 L1xB1 L4xB4 L2xB2 L3xB3 L4xB4
100 120x80 4 138x98 6 138x98 68x28 98x58 83x43 68x28 6 1 20.9
6 146x106 8 146x106 76x36 106x66 91x51 76x36 30.3
8 39.1
150 150x120 4 168x138 6 168x138 98x68 128x98 113x83 98x68 8 3 29.2
6 176x146 8 176x146 106x76 136x106 121x91 106x76 42.9
8.5 53.6
200 220x150 5 240x170 6 240x170 170x100 200x130 185x115 170x100 10 49.6
6 246x176 8 246x176 176x106 206x136 191x121 176x106 53.7
8.5 76.2
250 280x190 5 300x210 6 300x210 230x140 160x170 245x155 230x140 12 65.1
6 306x216 8 306x216 236x146 266x176 251x161 236x146 69.2
8.5 101.1
300 300x240 6 328x268 9 328x268 258x198 288x228 273x213 258x198 14 94.7
9 136.7
The weight is based on the height H as 900mm, does not include Weight of H1

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