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SOLAS Standard Marine Life Saving Rocket Parachute Signal

Brand:Deyuan Marine
Product Name:Rocket Parachute Signal
Luminous Intensity: ≧30000cd
Launching height: ≧300m
Signal Flare Time:40s
Dimension: φ44*237mm
Payment Term:T/T,Paypal,Western Union

Product Description

SOLAS Standard Marine Life Saving Rocket Parachute Signal

Rocket Parachute Signal pointed to a certain height in the air can be suspended under the parachute for a certain period of time, and emits a red light with a certain luminescence intensity, and a distress signal that falls at a slow speed.Marine Rocket Parachute Signal approved by SOLAS .SOLAS Standard Rocket Parachute Signal should install in a waterproof case, a concise summary or illustration of the use of the rocket parachute should be clearly stated on the enclosure.

At the same time SOLAS Rocket Parachute Signal has a set of ignition devices.Marine Rocket Parachute Signal launched to a height of no less than 300 m.At the apex of its trajectory, the Life Saving Rocket Parachute Signal fires a bright red flame with a parachute.The flame can be burned evenly with no less than 40 s with a light intensity of no less than 30 000 CD and Good Price Rocket Parachute Signal landing speed is not greater than 5 m/s. CCS Rocket Parachute Signal does not burn the parachute or the attachment.

Marine Life Saving Rocket Signal more likely to be detected by a rescue ship. If you need more information of Life Saving Parachute Signal please contact us .

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