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Marine Safety SOLAS Open Type Lifeboat With Good Price

Brand:Deyuan Marine
Product Name:SOLAS Open Type Lifeboat
Type:Open Type lifeboat
Length:According to your need
Capacity :15-80 Persons
Standard: SOLAS Standard
Certificate:CCS ,EC,ABS ,BV,GL etc
Payment:T/T,L/C ,Paypal
Origin :China
Guarantee:12 Months
  • Item: Open type lifeboat
  • Boat Material : F.R.P. material.
  • Boat Length : 5.5m~9.0M
  • Color: Orange
  • Capacity : 15~80person
  • Shipment : 20FR OR 40FR

Product Description

Marine Safety SOLAS Open Type Lifeboat With Good Price 

Safety Open Type Lifeboat as the name suggests marine Open Lifeboat has no roof. SOLAS Open Type Lifeboat doesn't help much in rain or bad weather and the possibility of water ingress in the highest.

Thus Marine Open Type Lifeboats are becoming obsolete. You may only find SOLAS Approved Open Lifeboat in older ship .But some customers also choose Open Type Life Boat to transport goods or for Leisure purpose.

Marine Safety Open Lifeboat usually propeller by manual power by using hand propelled ores or driven by one diesel engine .Our Open Type Lifeboat For Sales now .

If you need the Good Price Open Type Lifeboat Please contact Deyuan Marine sales team for further discussion if you want to know more details about our open type lifeboat.

Below is the data sheet for Open Type Lifeboat With Good Price for your reference .

Model Main Dim.(m capacity(p) Hook 
Davit Load(kg)
Engine Manual Engine Manual
DY-85K-5.5 5.50*2.00*0.85 15 17 4.50  2660 2300
DY-85K-6.0 6.00*2.00*0.85 18 18 5.00  3177 2667
DY-85K-6.5 6.5*2.15*0.90 23 25 5.50  3636 3272
DY-85K-7.0 7.00*2.30*0.95 27 32 6.00  3975 3840
DY-85K-7.5 7.50*2.50*1.05 43 46 6.50  5519 5234
DY-85K-8.0 8.00*2.60*1.10 50 54 7.00  5980 5770
DY-85K-8.5 8.50*3.00*1.20 60 60 7.50  7609 7099
DY-85K-9.0 9.00*3.20*1.25 72 80 8.00  9311 8201

Drawing for open type lifeboat:
China Open type lifeboat

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