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Heavy duty Electric Ship Combined Anchor Windlass

Brand: Deyuan Marine
Type: Combined Anchor Windlass
Drive: Electric
Working load: Up to 20T
Chain diameter: 22mm~70mm
Drum capacity: 120~150m
Mooring load: ≥12/15

Product Description

Heavy duty Electric Ship Combined Anchor Windlass

Combined anchor windlass function and mooring winch function, can be used ofr anchoring or mooring purpose. Electric mooring winch is widely used in the place with heavy work and big traction.The motor of the single drum winch drive the drum by reducer box,the brake is installed between the motor and input shaft. electric mooring winch could be set up to single drum, double drum and multiple drum for adapting the needs of hoisting, traction and rotary work. Normally,winch with the rated load less than 20ton could be set up to electric mooring winch.

Many shape of Combined anchor windlass is available, and specific parameters will be confirmed according to your requirements, we will offer the euqipment in good condition for your use.It is heavy but easy to install. Power supply will depends on your situation.

Heavy duty Electric Ship Combined Anchor Windlass
Name Chain Dia Working Load Working Speed Mooring  Pull Mooring Speed Drum Capacity Motor Power
(mm) (KN) (m/min) (KN) (m/min) (m) (kw)
Φ24/26/28 24/26/28 24.5/28.7/33.3 ≥9 20 ≥12 Φ15*120 8.5/3.5
Φ50/52/54 50/52/54 106.3/114.9/123.9 ≥9 75 ≥15 Φ26*200 30/30/22
Φ66/68/70 66/68/70 185.1/196.5 ≥9 150 ≥15 Φ32.5*200 60/60/45

More electric anchor windlass and mooring winch can be offered,pls contact us for more details.

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