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Electric Driven Type Marine Mooring Winch For Boat

Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Brand Name: Deyuan marine
Driven: Hydraulic
Application: 5-650KN
Norminal Speed: 6-15m/min
Warranty: 1 Year
Certificate: CCS, BV, ABS, DNV, KR, NK, RINA, GL, LR
  • Deyuan Marine


Product Description

Electric Driven Type Marine Mooring Winch 

A mooring winch is one of the marine equipment used during mooring operations to hold a boat in place at a pier or similar fixture. Electric marine mooring winch can operate effectively when dock ship or docking port, and it has many functions. In the process of loading and unloading, electric driven marine winch plays the role of drift, support and positioning, and adjusts the deviation of compensation vibration with constant tension.

The marine mooring winch can be driven by electric and hydraulic. As you can see our below electric driven type marine mooring winch. The rated pull is from 5KN to 650KN. Deyuan marine can design the electronic ship mooring winchaccording to your specific requirement.

Winch in all shapdes are our normal products, we could arrange the shape of a winch according to structure,drive type ect. based on customer's requirements.

All our electric boat marine winches are approved by CCS,ABS,DNV,BV,NK,RINA,BKI. Deyuan marine can offer you the marine winch with hight quality and best price. Pls feel free to contact deyuan marine sales team for more details.

Electric Mooring Winch Technical parameter:

Electric Mooring Winch
Model Rated Pull Rate Speed Drum Capacity Motor Power
(kn) (m/min) (m) (kw)
5KN 5 ≥12 Φ15*100 3/1.2
10KN  10 ≥12 Φ15*150 4.3/1.7
20KN 20 ≥12 Φ15*150 8.5/3.5
30KN  30 ≥15 Φ15*150 11/11/7.5
40KN 40 ≥15 Φ17.5*150 16/16/11
50KN  50 ≥15 Φ20.5*180 22/22/16
75KN  75 ≥15 Φ26*200 30/30/22
80KN 80 ≥12 Φ26*200 30/30/22
100KN  100 ≥12 Φ30*200 30/30/22
130KN 130 ≥12 Φ26*200 60/60/45
160KN  160 ≥12 Φ30*250 60/60/45
200KN 200 ≥9.6 Φ41*250 60/60/45
250KN  250 ≥9.6 Φ44.5*250 75
315KN  315 ≥7.8 Φ52*250 75
400KN 400 ≥7.8 Φ56*250 90
500KN  500 ≥7.8 Φ56*250 90
560KN 560 ≥6 Φ56*250 90
600KN  600 ≥6 Φ56*250 110
650KN  650 ≥6 φ56*250 110

More electric mooring winch can be offered,pls contact us for more details.

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