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80L Chemical Spill Response Kit

  • Deyuan Marine
  • Item: Spill Response Kit
  • Fluids Absorbed: Chemical / Hazmat
  • Color: Yellow
  • Available capacity : 30L,50L,80L.120L,240L
  • Application: pollution disposal
  • Packing: wheelie bin or PVC bag

Product Description

80L Chemical Spill Response Kit
Chemical spill kit are designed for most hazardous chemical spills including acids, coolants, solvents and oils.
SPILL KITS offers an effective and immediate response to a broad variety of spills, from common fluids and oil to chemicals even hazardous liquids that can be detrimentally damaging to the environment.
Having spill kit on site is highly beneficial in the event of a spill and they allow the user to efficiently and successfully clean up spills.
Item 80L
PVC Bag  1Pcs
Hazchem Absorbent Sheet
Hazchem Absorbent Sock
Hazchem Absorbent Pillow
Nitrile Gloves 1Pcs
Disposal Bags 3Pcs
Size 45cm*55cm*30cm
Weight 5kg

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