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Cutter suction dredger are widely used all kinds of port . river .lake .sea and inland waterway for dredging . Deyuan cutter suction dredger adopt advanced hydraulic control system . this system can reach the longer service life . 
higher performance and higher capacity . Prower of cutter suction dredger use diesel engine . this diesel engine from Cummins from US and UK. Cummins engine has steady performance . longer continuous working time . don't easy appear error.slurry pump is from famous manufacturing factory. pressure pump is made of high quality material to insure the service life , this pump can reach the output of full power .let customer get the largest capacity .
Cutter suction dredger is customized by our factory according to the client request. including engine brand . slurry pump brand . hydraulic control system and the others . all parts of cutter suction dredger adopt advanced device let the cutter suction dredger reach the match well.
Jet Suction Dredger through high pressure jet water column to disperse the ore body, marine engine controlled by the frequency converter drives suction pump to make a vacuum, the mixed medium is sucked into the pump then sent to the platform, fined (according to the required Dia) into the distributor, through the distributor into the gold-election equipment. The selected concantrate is transported to the destination by transfer pump, and the waste flows through the chute to the side of the beneification platform. Operation room is equipped with A/C and monltor.
Bucket chain dredger is non-self propelled.The ponton adopts the assembled box structure,with excavation device,lifting device,large particle filter device,transmission device,transfer device,excavated sediment delivery to the sand transportation ship by the conveyor belt.The process including mining sand separation,stone broken,stone grading,sediment washing separation,heavy metal extraction,dehydration,transportation and so on.


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