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Stepless Speed Change Electric Motor Positioning Mooring Winch with VFD Control

Brand: Deyuan Marine
Type: 10T~100T
Drum capacity: up to 500m,Ф100mm
Rated pull: 10T, 15T, 25T,40T,50T,100T
Speed: 0~15m/min
Certificate: CCS,LR,DNV,KR,ABS,etc.,

Product Description

Stepless Speed Change Electric Motor Positioning Mooring Winch with VFD Control

A positioning winch can be designed with single drum or double drum structure. Generally, double drum positioning winch has a waterfall structure, which also  called waterfall winch. The driving mode is mainly electric or hydraulic. Electric positioning winch can use two speeds or even variable frequency motor to achieve stepless speed change. Both electric and hydraulic positioning winches can achieve remote centralized control.

According to the number of contact points between the mooring line and the hull, the mooring system can be divided into single point mooring system, two point mooring system and multi point mooring system like four point,six point or eight point mooring system.

While operating a multi point system, should have a remote centralized control system to coordinate each winch, including running, pull load.

Positioning Mooring Winch Feature/ Choosing Principle:

  1. Single drum or Double drum

  2. Pulling forse/Rated load

  3. Line speed, two speed or stepless speed

  4. Electric or hydraulic drive?

  5. With/without a spooling device/rope guider?

  6. Drum capacity/ wire diameter&length

  7. Other special requirements like stepless speed adjusting, multi point centralized control

We Deyuan Marine offer two ways to design/choose/make a suitable positioning winch with correct structure for cutomer.

  1. You already have specific requirements for the winch, we just make sure we have the ability to make it and quote the best price with good quality accordingly.

  2. You have few specific feature for the winch, we will guide you to confirm details according to what information you have about the project.

Welcome to contact us for a positioning mooring winch system to save your cost, time and energy.

Type Drum Capacity Rated Pull 
Low Speed  High Speed
10T 1000m@Ф32mm 10T@7.5m/min5T@15m/min
15T 850m@Ф38mm  15T@7.5m/min 7.5T@15m/min

More offshore positioning winch can be offered,pls contact us for more details.

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