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Small Marine Water Maker For Boat

  • Deyuan Marine


Product Description

Seawater Reverse Osmosis Systems
  The FWG-P mainly consist of evaporating and condensing chambers,ejector equipped to achieve vacuum, fresh water pump for delivering distilled water to storage tank,relevant accessories built-in complete unit.
Sea water supply pump is only loose part which will be installed independently in proper  position.
Control cabinet with embedded salinity meter directly fitted on the body of the unit and the cabinet also can be arranged separately in where convenient for operation.
Information below for yr reference,we reserve the rights to optimize our design without prior notices.
Mode(T/D) FWG-5 FWG-10 FWG-16 FWG-20 FWG-30 FWG-50
Capacity 5 10 16 20 30 50
Length(mm) 770 970 970 1160 1400 1400
Width(mm) 600 870 1150 1150 1250 1450
Height(m m) 960 1150 1150 1415 1550 1550
Dry weight(kg) 300 650 900 1150 1350 1450
Operation weight(kg) 350 700 950 1250 1450 1600
Main features of plate type fresh water generator:
-Wide range of production capacity(1~50D/T)
--Compact design for easy installation
--Standard parts for convenient replacement by crews
---Highly compatible to variety heating sources:
Steam heating block,hot water,thermal oil heating block
--High quality titanic plate,316LSS&Al-Bronze for other component.
More sea water desalting unit can be offered,pls contact us for more details.
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