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Seeweed Containment Boom

  • Deyuan Marine

Product Description

Seeweed Containment Boom :
Seeweed containment boom mainly used in lake pollution control, water restoration, aquatic systems reconstruction, silt dredging, reclamation work, diversion and water retaining algae and other research projects.
In lake management issues, the need to barricading the local waters bloom, biology, plants and other topics of scientific experiments, to prevent the spread of harmful substances, drift, diffusion, reaching the water body restoration, the purpose of water quality improvement.
The product high strength, ride the wave resistance, good stability, water permeable filter turbidity curtains and easily through the body, the antifouling effect of up to 90%, and construction work is simple and quick.
More Seeweed Containment Boom Can Be Offered,Pls Contact Us For More Details.
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