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NiAl Bronze Adjustable Bolted CPP Propeller for Cruise Vessel

Brand: Deyuan Marine
Type: Adjustable Bolted Propeller
Blades: 4,5,6
Blades Material: Stainless steel or NiAl-bronze
Applications: Cruise/Cargo/container/naval vessels
Benefits: Pay less/Simpler installation/Stepless adjustment
Certificate: CCS, BV, ABS, DNV

Product Description

Adjustable Bolted Propellers
The adjustable bolted propeller allows the most efficient blade matching for optimum efficiency, while simplifying the installation process. The Kamewa range of ABP is based on a hollow hub with blades bolted to it from the inside. A unique feature is the method of bolting the blades to the hub using simple hand tools. In comparison to conventional monobloc fixed pitch propellers the ABP has higher quality blade machining and reduced overall weight, which give easier shipment, handling and mounting. The slotted holes on the hub allow the blade pitch angle to be conveniently adjusted at commissioning, or in service to compensate for long-term variations in hull resistance. Individual blades can be replaced without drydocking, and only spare blades have to be stocked rather than a complete monobloc propeller.
Typical applications: 
* Cruise vessels
* Tankers
* Cargo/container vessels
* Various types of naval vessels
Key product benefits
* Spare propeller not needed, thus short pay-off compared to FPP
* Slotted holes on the hub allow stepless blade pitch angle adjustment
* Stainless steel or NiAl-bronze blades 
* 4,5 or 6 blades available
* Simpler, less costly installation at the shipyard. Match marking not needed
* Smaller, lighter components mean lower costs for shipment, storage and handling

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